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Dove Success has been good

Limits of doves are being reported from one end of the state to the other.  Reports are the cold front moved in many birds from up north.

Featured Article - A Family Morning


After opening day being one of the best and fastest limits in recent history I headed to town to help my nephew install some lockers at one of our facilities.  We talked the whole time while putting together the unit and he couldn't believe I had them at 3 feet over my head for the entire time I was out there.  I told him he could stay with me and I would show him in the morning what I was talking about.  We arrived home and my daughter Jade was very happy that her cousin was going to stay over night and even more excited he was going to go hunting in the morning with us.  This surprised Justin a bit and Jade asked him “well who do you think is going to call those ducks mister”.  I just smiled and told him he will find out in the am. 

I awoke early with anticipation like I hadn't had for a long time.  Even the day before I wasn't anywhere as anxious to get out to the pond.  It had been a great summer and for once all the decoys were painted and rigged and ready before the season started.  Jade and I had spent many a August night blowing on our duck and goose calls trying to get better.  I was up and had coffee made before I realized it was only 4:30 am.  Justin was soon to follow mumbling something about don't even think about leaving without me.  I chuckled and told him I would if I had the chance.    
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Ducks Unlimited
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Photo of the month contest up and running.  Make sure you get your entry in for the October photo of the month contest.  There are three categories with prizes for each.

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All hunters who are required  to have a Nebraska Hunting permit and Habitat Stamp to  hunt  waterfowl MUST also purchase and carry with them a  Nebraska Waterfowl Stamp.

Youth waterfowl season is a success for many.  Jade Bottger, Gary Bottger Mitchell Hartman, Joe Krajicek

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Laurel Nebraska Girl Takes First
Jade Bottger Took first place in the Junior Duck Calling Contest at the Cabelas Great Outdoor Days in Sidney Nebraska.  She was blowing a Buck Gardner Pocket Rocket single reed duck call.  Jade was out at Cabelas with her father and mother.  Her father, Gary Bottger was representing Buck Gardner Calls and doing seminars teaching kids about ducks calls, and the basics of calling ducks.  Jade also helped out doing the seminars and taking pictures for the event.
Jade Bottger takes first in Cabelas calling contest
Jade won 1 dozen Cabelas Real Image Decoys and plans on hunting over then in the up and coming duck season.

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